RAA NPLSA Round 19 Preview

Adelaide United vs Adelaide Olympic
Venue: Jack Smith Park
Date: Saturday 28 August, 2:30 PM

Round 19 of the NPL kicks off tomorrow afternoon at Jack Smith Park between United and
Olympic, as two sides jostling to push into the top six go head-to-head.

Some quick thinking and lightning reflexes allowed Binyam Kebede to open the scoring for
United against Raiders, cutting the keeper’s clearance off from his boot to poke home, but it
wasn’t enough to get his side as they fell to a 3-2 defeat.

Fausto Erba’s fancy footwork and dummy before rippling the net gave Olympic the lead and
Ioannis Simosis’ swivel and shot eventually restored the advantage, but they were reeled in
and forced to settle for a 2-2 draw with Sturt.

With just two points and one position separating United and Olympic, the sides only
marginally sit closer to the top six (three and one point) than they do to relegation (three
and five points).

Adelaide United FC line-up: Musa Toure, 14. Binyam Kebede, 24. Fergus Lynch, 37. Jonny Yull, 44. Arbi Mollas, 48. Bernardo Oliveira, 49. Keshav Shrestha, 50. James Delianov, 53. Noah Mcnamara, 54. Joseph Macheda, 55. Ethan Alagich, 57. Adam Leombruno, 66. Nestor Irankunda

Coaches: Airton Andrioli, Elvis Markov, Vlado Blazeka, Joe Verringer
Team Staff: Will Mockridge, Justin Graetz, Katrina Smith

Adelaide Olympic line-up: Paul Wilson, Jacob Jones, Samuel Dweh, Kody Maude, Alexander Tsimopoulos, 1. Lewis Moss (GK), 5. Michael Cittadini, 6. Kristin Konstandopoulos, 8. Jason Konstandopoulos, 9. Christos Pounendis, 10. Hirofumi Kochi, 11. Tito Bontor, 12. Damian Ljujic, 14. Fausto Erba, 24. Panagiotis Manidakis, 44. Ioannis Simosis

Coaches: Yianni Stamatelopoulos, Lansana Conneh, Pal Prengaj
Team Staff: Konstandinos Dimas, Sumin Kim

Adelaide City vs Adelaide Comets
Venue: Adelaide City Park
Date: Saturday 28 August, 3:00 PM

It’s first versus second for the second week running, as Comets’ usurping of MetroStars
presents another tough fixture for the leaders and a tantalising one for the neutral.

City’s run of emphatic victories was ended by MetroStars last weekend, with the then-top
two sides playing out a 0-0 draw that kept the Black and Whites comfortably on top of the

A late Allan Welsh penalty saved Comets’ blushes against Blue Eagles to earn a 2-1 win after
trailing, with Jaiden Diamantis’ miscued volley looping over the head of the keeper drawing
them level just before half-time.

Three points to the hosts will see them increase their margin at the top to at least seven
points, while a Comets victory would cut down that deficit to just two and leave them in the
hunt for a second consecutive minor premiership.

Adelaide City line-up: 1. Alexander Woodlands (GK), 4. Matthew Halliday, 7. Daniel Bressan, 8. Joseph Costa, 9. Luka Chikwuba, 10. Nicholas Bucco, 11. Charlie devereux, 13. Lachlan Barr, 14. Aladin Irabona, 17. Thomas Brown, 20. Kur Kur, 23. Jai King-Byrne, 42. Austin Ayoubi, 45. Markus Orchard, 77. Asad Kasumovic

Coaches: Paul Pezos, Stavros Gelekis, Angelo Paul, Edward Scalzi
Team Staff: Fabian Garuccio, Luis Fernandez Astudillo

Adelaide Comets line-up: 1. Julian Torresan, 3. Manley Barnett, 4. Nathan Dimou, 5. Adam Le Cornu, 7. John Karatzas, 8. Ryan Yates, 10. Anthony Mavrolambados, 11. Jayden LoBasso, 12. Lukas Ikonomopoulos, 13. Benedek Futty-ferdinandy, 14. Nathan Andijanto, 16. Ninko Beric, 18. Thomas Giannakopoulos, 19. Jaiden Diamantis, 21. Nikolas Ikonomopoulos, 22. Allan Welsh (C), 23. Scott Nagel, 24. Lachlan Stead, 31. Daniel Vaughan, 77. Chris Christofilos

Coaches: Barney Smith, James Guffogg, Andreas Wiens, Matthew Bates
Team Staff: Evangelo Katsambis, Andrew Furner, Emma Gericke

Adelaide Blue Eagles vs Cumberland United
Venue: Marden Sports Complex
Date: Saturday 28 August, 3:00 PM

From 1 v 2 to bottom versus second-to-bottom, the recent form of both Blue Eagles and
Cumberland have generated some interest leading into this match.

Blue Eagles looked on the verge of earning a crucial point away to Comets following an
incredible opener from Hamish McCabe, whose shot from close to the corner flag sailed in
at the near post, but were denied by a late penalty that sealed a 2-1 defeat.

Charlie Ince’s 90 th -minute strike through congestion into the bottom corner rescued a point
for Cumberland in their 1-1 draw with Campbelltown, their second in a row against a top six

Raiders and Croydon playing against one another means that Cumberland will overtake at
least one, if not both, with a win, while Blue Eagles’ time in the top flight could be ended
tomorrow if they lose and those two sides play out a draw later on in the evening.

Adelaide Blue Eagles line-up: 1. Richard Goss, 2. Caleb Evans, 3. Anik Warnakulasuriya, 4. Christian Sotira, 5. Chol Wel, 6. Kurt Kouakou, 7. Liam Mccabe, 8. Stefan Gluscevic, 9. Agar Mawan, 10. Hamish Mccabe, 11. Frederick Ankumah-Sey, 13. Ryan Wood, 14. Stanisa Velinov, 15. Christian D'Angelo, 16. Raffaele De Lucia, 18. Yohei Matsumoto, 20. Isaac Mullen, 21. Alex Tsavalas, 25. Nikolas Harpas

Coaches: Jonathon Mccormack
Team Staff: James Keating, Vojislac Gluscevic, Henry Lambert

Cumberland United line-up: JUAN  GUTIERREZ, Marijan Kolar, 1. Luke Schoen (GK), 2. Jack Schoen (C), 3. Joshua Harvey, 5. Sam Carmichael, 6. David Signore, 8. Harry Thannhauser, 10. Jumar Oakley, 11. Thomas Briscoe, 14. Cohan Morris, 17. Tom Dittmar, 19. Rocco Visconte, 23. Matthew Charalambous, 25. Charlie Ince, 29. Sam Styles, 30. Wesley Weetra

Coaches: Neil Young, Mathew Balopitos, Matthew Prodanovski, Marijan Kolar
Team Staff: Jody Loomes, Sean Bushby, Steven O'Donnell

Campbelltown City vs South Adelaide
Venue: Steve Woodcock Sports Centre
Date: Saturday 28 August, 3:00 PM

Another big match between two sides in the hunt for finals football takes place tomorrow
afternoon, as Campbelltown host South.

Campbelltown will be disappointed to have missed an opportunity to move further up the
table and entrench themselves in the top half after conceding late to draw 1-1 with lowly

A thumping finish across the keeper by Jack Ellis ended up being in vain as South failed to
hold onto their lead in a 2-1 home defeat to Croydon, missing the chance to move into
fourth spot on the ladder in the process.

The home side remain well-placed for finals football with their game in hand, so a win would
go a long way towards cementing their spot, but South sit just a point behind and would
leapfrog them with a victory.

Campbelltown City line-up: 1. Jamie Signorello, 2. Shaun Harvey (C), 3. Liam Miller, 5. Julian Oscar Ionni, 6. Adam D'Agostino, 7. Joel Allwright, 8. Alexander Mullen, 9. Marc Marino, 10. Luigi Ditroia, 12. Nicholas Francese, 14. Adam Piscioneri, 15. Antony Piscioneri, 16. Daniel Mullen, 17. Adam De Ieso, 18. Trey Williams, 20. Nicholas Harpas (GK), 23. Jake Halliday

Coaches: Iain Fyfe, Leslie  Pogliacomi, Corey Artone, Ali Sadick
Team Staff: Agelo Kapnistis, Ryan Hanlon

South Adelaide line-up: 1. Ryan Veitch (GK), 4. Robert Parker (C), 5. Declan Gray, 6. Liam Wooding, 9. Brett Rayner, 10. Jonathon Rideout, 11. Alexander Rideout, 13. Jai Conroy, 15. Jackson Stephens, 18. Blake Lindsay, 20. Jack Walker, 21. Jack Ellis, 24. Daniel Evans, 25. Callum Nissen, 31. Masaya Sasaki, 39. Awal Dut

Coaches: Andrew Calderbank, Anthony Rideout, Mitchell Daly, Fraser McLean
Team Staff: Wayne Harrington, Jacqueline Wingate, Aniket Dhabade

Image: 80kms Photography