PS4 NPL SA Round 2 Review

The results from Round 2 of PlayStation 4 NPL South Australia including Adelaide Comets recording back-to-back wins.

PlayStation 4 National Premier League SA – Results Round 2

Adelaide Comets (Allan WELSH 24', Andreas WIENS 40', Andreas WIENS 90+2', Nathan ANDIJANTO 90+4')

Adelaide United FC 2 (Ryan STRAIN 26', Ryan STRAIN 77'(pen))

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Venue: SA Athletics Stadium

Date: 24/02/2017 08:00

Adelaide Comets Substitutes: Theo BALOMENOS on Valentino Kuach YUEL off(71'), Jack BLADEN on Lewis FARQUHAR off(71'), Zachary HRISTODOULOPOULOS on Guy MILLER off(46')

Adelaide United FC Substitutes: Nil

Adelaide Comets Yellow cards: Nathan ANDIJANTO 73', Lewis FARQUHAR 66', Mateusz KUZMICKI 19', Mitchell NICHOLSON 72', Valentino Kuach YUEL 51'

Adelaide United FC Yellow cards: Lachlan BROOK 59', Nathan LIBERTO 28', Ryan STRAIN 48'

Adelaide Comets Red cards: Nil

Adelaide United FC Red cards: Nil


Adelaide City 3 (Evan KOSTOPOULOS 24', Anthony COSTA 71',   85'(OG))

Para Hills Knights 0

Venue: Adelaide City Park

Date: 25/02/2017 03:00

Adelaide City Substitutes: Nil

Para Hills Knights Substitutes: Nil

Adelaide City Yellow cards: Mamadi KAMARA 52', Carlo ARMIENTO 66'

Para Hills Knights Yellow cards: Alexander SUNASKY 48', Matthew MULLEN 52', Matthew MULLEN 62', Tyler BAILEY 56', Pietro PIANTEDOSI 76'

Adelaide City Red cards: Nil

Para Hills Knights Red cards: Matthew MULLEN 62'


Cumberland United 1 (Christopher SKULL 70')

MetroStars 2 (Liam WOODING 32', Liam WOODING 90+1')

Venue: A.A Bailey Reserve

Date: 25/02/2017 03:00

Cumberland United Substitutes: Fortunato FILLETI on Frank MARAFIOTI off(59'), Harley GEPP on Evan KOUNAVELIS off(56'), Jonathan MOORE on Yannick SKULL off(70')

MetroStars Substitutes: Rocky CALLISTO on Matthew DAWBER off(60'), Timothy HENDERSON on Cohan MORRIS off(65'), Terry THEODOROU on Adam VAN DOMMELE off(83')

Cumberland United Yellow cards: Nil

MetroStars Yellow cards: Rocky CALLISTO 15', Michael D ALOISIO 87'

Cumberland United Red cards: Nil

MetroStars Red cards: Anthony SOLAGNA 80'


WT Birkalla 0

Croydon Kings 1 (Mohammed SUMAORO 77')

Venue: Jack Smith Park

Date: 25/02/2017 03:00

WT Birkalla Substitutes: Nil

Croydon Kings Substitutes: Nil

WT Birkalla Yellow cards: Nil

Croydon Kings Yellow cards: Nil

WT Birkalla Red cards: John-Paul CIRILLO 46'

Croydon Kings Red cards: Nil


Adelaide Olympic 1 (George ASLANIDIS 45')

Adelaide Blue Eagles 2 (Stefan SIMIC 32', Shekubah HUTTON-ADDY 86')

Venue: The Parks Football Centre

Date: 25/02/2017 07:00

Adelaide Olympic Substitutes: Nil

Adelaide Blue Eagles Substitutes: Nil

Adelaide Olympic Yellow cards: Ambesager YOSIEF 61', George HRISTAKOPOULOS 85'

Adelaide Blue Eagles Yellow cards: Damien CRETTENDEN 14', Kosta MANTIS 24', Kosta MANTIS 90+4'

Adelaide Olympic Red cards: Nil

Adelaide Blue Eagles Red cards: Kosta MANTIS 90+4'