PS4 NPL Capital Football Grand Final Preview

Canberra Olympic and Canberra FC will clash on Sunday in a tantalising repeat of last year's big occasion.

We have finally arrived. After another gruelling, exciting season of football, the Playstation 4 National Premier Leagues: Canberra Grand Final is here. In a repeat of last season’s big dance, Canberra Olympic will face Canberra FC in a clash steeped in rivalry and history.

The storylines are set; Canberra FC looking to avenge the heartbreak of last year, this time on their own turf, while Olympic look to complete a perfect local season.

Olympic are enjoying a fruitful season in their 60th year, still involved in the FFA Cup at the Quarter-final stage and soon to begin the NPL Finals Series after this weekend.

However rarely is anything much sweeter than getting one over your local rival, and Olympic will be looking to do that once more having knocked off Canberra FC in last season’s decider.

Olympic will be without goalkeeper and Captain Angelo Konstantinou, but Cachia was adamant this week that reserve goalkeeper Jack Pettit will excel in his absence, while Olympic’s leadership group was more than capable of filling the Captain’s absence.

Yeah we will miss Angelo, but we prepared for that at the beginning of the year,” Cachia said.

“That’s why we brought in Jack, and we’re 100% behind him.”

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