Promotion and relegation to be introduced to PS4 NPL Tasmania

Football Federation Tasmania is pleased to announce the most significant change to the structure of senior football in Tasmania since the return of the statewide league in 2013.

Tasmania’s top tier men’s football competition – the PS4 NPL Tasmania, will be extended to include 10 teams from 2019. This major change will also include promotion at the end of the 2018 season to allow for the increase to 10 teams. From every season thereafter, the competition will include promotion and relegation.

“This is a really exciting step for Tasmanian football,” FFT President Sean Collins said.

“Two things that set football apart are cup competitions and promotion/relegation. We already have a vibrant Lakoseljac Cup leading into the FFA Cup and in the future we will also have promotion/relegation for our top tier competition.”

There will be a set of mandatory criteria that clubs will need to meet in order to be promoted and clubs must meet these prior to the relevant season. The highest eligible Veto Southern Championship club and the highest Veto Northern Championship club at the end of the 2018 season will be automatically added to the PS4 NPL Tasmania, to make up 10 teams.

From 2019, the bottom team (tenth ranked team) will be automatically relegated (to their regional Championship competition) and will be replaced by the winner of a play-off between the top ranked Northern Championship team (that is not already an NPL TAS club) and the top ranked Southern Championship team.

The loser of the play-off between the top ranked Veto Northern Championship and Veto Southern Championship teams will then face the ninth ranked PS4 NPL Tasmania team for an opportunity to be promoted into the competition.

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