McNeill and Lunnon to lead Tasmania

There will be two new faces calling the shots for the Tasmanian XI that will go up against Melbourne Victory for the PFD Shield.

Tasmania’s best will face Melbourne Victory later this year, as the two teams do battle for the PFD Shield for the third time in as many years. This year, Tasmania will be under new leadership, with Olympia FC Warriors Coach Glen McNeill and Northern Rangers Coach Tim Lunnon to join forces to coach the senior Tasmania state team.

Football Federation Tasmania (FFT) have named the two emerging Victory League coaches as Head Coaches for 2014, with FFT Technical Director, former Matildas Assistant Coach and Young Matildas Head Coach Spencer Prior appointed as Technical Assistant and Head of Selection.

“First of all, we wanted two coaches that have what it takes to coach a squad of this calibre, and then we wanted to reward keen coaches that are ticking the boxes, completing their licences and playing to the National curriculum; Tim and Glen stood out as obvious candidates,” Prior said.

“We see it as a valuable way to reward these two talented coaches that have recently undertaken their C-Licence.

“We see this as a significent opportunity for professional development up against an A-League powerhouse in Melbourne Victory.”

FFT opted not to reinstate South Hobart Coach Ken Morton as Tasmania Coach for 2014, deciding to go down a different path with the coaching appointment.

“We thank Ken for his involvement last year, there is no questioning his coaching ability but he has a busy schedule ahead of him and we believe we needed a different setup this year for a host of reasons,” said Prior, a former Manchester City defender.

"I will, in consultation with FFT technical staff be selecting the squad as well as mentoring Glen and Tim, who will coach the team,” he added.

The Tasmania squad will be selected from the best players of the state wide Victory League.

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