Bulleen-South clash a click frenzy for Victoria

Football Federation Victoria's live stream of Round 1 PlayStation®4 NPL Victoria action has been met with a record-breaking response from the wider football fan base.

FC Bulleen Lions' 2-2 draw with South Melbourne at the Veneto Club on Monday night attracted a crowd of 1500, while the online audience tripled that of the 2016 PlayStation 4 NPL Victoria Grand Final.

The Facebook Live broadcast is the first FFV social network post to top 1 Million reach, while video viewership records were also shattered.

A unique audience of 15,437 tuned in through the course of the broadcast for at least 30 seconds, peaking at 1652 concurrent during the game's thrilling conclusion.

The numbers passed the 2016 PlayStation 4 NPL Victoria Grand Final, which had 6142 viewers of at least 30 seconds.

A weekend filled with high quality action and drama meant Monday February 13 was also the record single day of Facebook traffic for the NPL Victoria page, with 17,000 engaged users.

FFV General Manager, Commercial and Media Anthony Grima said the response was a sign of PlayStation 4 NPL Victoria's increasing popularity and profile.

"It is a credit to FC Bulleen Lions for their enthusiasm to get PlayStation 4 NPL Victoria in front of as many eyes as possible, collaborating with FFV's media team to do so," Grima said.

"Tens of thousands of viewers have seen a full ground and an exciting game in a professional and well presented online broadcast provided by the FFV media team in conjunction with NMS Media's Nathan Sakellariou.

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